Is Pneumococcal Pneumonia Contagious?

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is the condition that’s marked by infection and . It’s typically treatable, yet potentially harmful. As a matter of fact, this could be fatal. It’s diagnosed within individuals of every age, although it might be more prevalent within the ones who’re very young or very old.


Pneumonia could be contagious. It could be spread by sneezes and coughs which will send infection-causing organisms within the air, in which they’ll be inhaled by one other individual. It kills over 60,000 individuals within the U.S. every year, and it will be one of the top causes of fatalities within youth worldwide, according to the Mayo Clinic. Besides youngsters, it’s additionally a severe issue for the elderly and the ones who have weak immune systems.


It could be caused by the fungus, bacteria or virus. could be caused by various bacteria and will be marked by rapid onset, chills, shaking, shortness of breath, sweating, productive cough—that produces mucus–and elevated fever. will be caused by a virus and will be marked by coughs that are nonproductive, fever, muscle pains and headaches.

Later on in the disease, an individual could develop coughs that are accompanied by small amounts of white or clear mucus. Fungi pneumonia will be caused by the fungus and will be less usual than other kinds. Many individuals have a couple of symptoms with this kind, yet they’re oftentimes like those of viral or bacterial pneumonia.

Pneumocystis carinii will be a kind of fungal pneumonia which attacks individuals with weak immune systems, like the ones who have AIDS. This kind causes coughs which don’t fade with time, fever and shortness of breath.


You might develop pneumonia and not have any knowledge of it. The mycoplasm bacteria pneumonia will cause symptoms which are like additional kinds of the condition, yet they might be a bit more mild and the onset slower. A few people do not become sick enough to recognize they possess pneumonia, so it’s nicknamed the walking pneumonia. It’s contagious and will often be spread where individuals possess daily close contact, like within schools.


Due to most kinds of pneumonia being contagious, most people believe it’s simple to catch from other people. However, pneumonia will actually be difficult to catch. But, the organisms which cause it will often be extremely contagious, like viral illnesses such as flu and colds.


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4 thoughts on “Is Pneumococcal Pneumonia Contagious?

  • Can anyone help me. Someone I have just met had pneumococcal pneumonia 5 years ago. He is wheelchair bound and has brain damage. He is unable to recount his experiences and has slurred words and obvious memory losses and poor short term memory. I would really appreciate an email from anyone who can help me understand my friend

  • I am a friend of a person who has this disease, the truth is harder than I thought to get ahead. Thanks for the info. I leave a page that helped me a lot.

  • That’s horrible Christine. Did he get all those conditions after he was diagnosed with PP?

  • I had pneumococcal pneumonia at the age of 5, and It almost killed me. One second I was up running around and playing the next I was laying on the couch and didn’t have the energy to move. My mom took me to the hospital where they realized my My lungs were collapsed and right then and there they cut me open and put a chest tube in me to drain fluid that wasn’t allowing my lungs to inflate. I was in the hospital for 14 days, half way into my hospital stay one of my lungs collapsed again. Good news is I lived and only have a few scars to show for it! one on my upper ribs from the chest tube and on my arms from picc lines. And am now the ripe age of 19!

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